One Strange Thing

May 2016: Fountain pen (and ink bottle)!

We here at aren't all horse masks and whoopie cushions – sometimes we like to keep everyone on their toes by delivering something, you know, useful as well as cool.

It's a fountain pen

Lookit that pretty nib!

Fountain pens are another one of those mostly outmoded technologies that people on the internet have rediscovered, like safety razors and cast-iron frying pans. In many ways, fountain pens have quite correctly disappeared from modern use. They're more likely to leak than ballpoints or rollerballs, and can dry out, requiring some time and attention to get flowing again. That said, their proponents say they're more comfortable to write with and encourage better penmanship.

This is your chance to find out! The Jinhao X450 is a surprisingly great deal. It's well-regarded on internet forums as a good starter pen, and as a first-time fountain pen owner, I concur with that assessment. It's actually really fun to write with! It takes literally no pressure, unlike ballpoints, and somehow it's improved my writing. It's so much nicer than a standard Bic that I guess I just find myself wanting not to let it down when I write.

I've included a bottle of ink with this month's shipment as well, so you can actually use your pen. No notebook though, and be careful; you'll want to spring for something with nice, thick paper. The internet can help you out with finding that.

Overview of pen and ink

Please ignore my crappy handwriting. Notebook not included.

Oh, and if you're left-handed and got one of these, send me an email and I'll make sure you get a little extra next month. You might have had some fun with it, but really work a bit better for the right-handed and people with ink smear fetishes.

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