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Receive a package every month with one weird thing inside.

Just this and no more for just $15 per month with free worldwide shipping! We can't guarantee that the item you receive will be useful, fun, or otherwise not terrible, but we can guarantee that your item won't be boring.

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Retired Boxes

Jinhao X450 Fountain Pen (with ink)

Fountain pens are another one of those mostly outmoded technologies that people on the internet have rediscovered, like safety razors and cast-iron frying pans. Now you can join the party!

This item is still available!

Latex Bird Mask

This guy really speaks for himself. There's really not much to say about it; it's a latex mask of some sort of bird (I'd say it's a pigeon but for the blue/green parts. Maybe some sort of budgie?)

This item is still available!

Eachine H8 mini quadcopter

I thought it would be cool to send a drone out, and this is the best one I could find for less than $15 US. It's the Eachine H8, a super-mini RC quadcopter! I spent the weekend playing with this thing, it's a lot of fun!

This item is still available!


“I recommend this product”

- Trentin Von Grange, USA

“They've been great ... the irregular timing and lack of consistent packaging has made them a wonderful surprise each time he's received one.”

- Michael, USA

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is shipping?
Shipping is free, worldwide! Which is to say, we include it in the $15.
Are these items safe for young children?
We recommend you be the one to open the package and assess that for yourself. The items are chosen with listless millenials in mind, not kids.
Why does shipping take so long?
Everything comes from China using the cheap shipping. (That's so we can put more of that $15 towards cool stuff!)
Aren't some cool things more or less than exactly $15?
I mean, we keep some of it. You know that, right? But every so often we send out a package of two or more cool things that happen to cost somewhat less than fifteen bucks.
What won't I get?
Nothing generic. Nothing you can buy at the grocery store. No crappy electronics that will break right away. Nothing edible. No sex toys.
I don't like this weird junky thing you sent me, can I return it?
Hahaha, no. But if it's broken or defective or something like that we will do our best to help, just email us.
I can buy random junk on Amazon, this is stupid!
That's not a question, but I see what you're getting at. Let's just say that, for $15 per month, you can get something weird *without* spending as much time as we do searching for cool and fun stuff. Plus, who doesn't like a surprise?
Who is behind this unabashed ripoff?
Why, none other than handsome and physically attractive web developer Adam Bard, who is currently ranked #2 in Google for "handsome web developer" thanks to quality backlinks like that one.
How do I cancel my order?
Just email us at and we'll cancel your subscription and delete your payment information.